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- "As a busy mom and a professional, when I started my 6-months program, my top 3 goals were to resolve digestive and weight issues, as well as chronic stress and nervous upsets.

During the program, Larissa was able to help me work towards these goals by guiding me through diet modification, mindset modification (changing my attitude towards myself, raising my self-awareness) and understanding why stressful situations occur…

The biggest tangible changes that I have noticed was the elimination of digestion problems and new healthy habits adopted by my whole family. The most significant overall change I have noticed was a change of attitude towards myself and my life.

As a health coach, Larissa is very professional, considerate, understanding, a great listener… I highly recommend her to overworked professionals who nevertheless want to find time to take care of themselves and their health.

I am thankful to Larissa for helping me resolve not only my health issues, but also for teaching me to listen to my body and understand the signs that it gives me… for helping me change my attitude towards life and accept it without fear. " - Anna Sokolova, 6-month Health Coaching program Client, 2016.

- "Lorsque j'ai commencé le Programme en six mois, mes trois objectifs étaient: me débarrasser de la fatigue, de ballonnements, de mal au dos /posture courbée. J’avais l’énergie très basse, je me sentais moins jolie, mon corps lourd et lent, même grosse… J’avais mal au dos.
Larissa m'a aidé à atteindre mes objectifs en analysant et améliorant mon alimentation, en m’apprenant des clés pour prendre plus de soin de mon corps en essayant différentes choses, y compris le yoga, le pilâtes, les massages, des recettes... Les analyses de cercle de la vie, les panneaux de visualisation furent d’une grande aide pour me rappeler qui je suis et où je vais.

Le plus grand changement tangible que j'ai remarqué depuis le début du programme a été la perte de poids (-5,8 kg), le changement d’alimentation, récupération d’énergie, mon sourire, la reprise de sport, ça m’a remonté le moral et l’estime de moi, redonnée envie de faire plus de choses, la cuisine et découvrir autres façons de cuisiner, ma peau est plus belle aussi, je me suis re-ouvert à la rencontre…

Le changement global le plus important que j'ai remarqué a été la perte de poids (de presque 62 kg à 56 kg) et la récupération de mon énergie

Je dirais que mon Coach est un BIG GREAT HELP : un guide qui ouvre le cerveau pour voir plus loin et aller plus loin pour profiter d’avantage de chaque chose du quotidien et vivre sain et heureux. Un GRAND MERCI pour cette opportunité d’être coaché, pour tout ce que vous m’avait fait découvrir, et encouragée a faire.
Je recommanderais mon Coach Larissa à toute mon entourage, et toutes les personnes qui se sentent comme moi il y a 6 mois."
- Femme, top manager d'une grande société internationale, Paris, 2016.

- "I wanted to share with you the good news that WITHOUT MUCH EFFORT i lost the 5 kilos which i wanted to lose after having followed your advice - almost no more cow dairy and gluten - all worked out naturally :)" - A., Client of the 3-months renewable program. Entrepreneur and mom of 2 girls, living and working between London and Paris, 2017.


- "Larissa gave me a tremendous push in finding the reasons for my eating behavior. During the Discovery Session I, suddenly, for the first time realised that something that's not quite normal is happening to me. That my attitude towards food is far from the healthy attitude of a person, who eats because of hunger, or because he or she wants to enjoy the taste, savour every bit of it. I also was worried because I had hormonal issues and 3 thyroid cysts.

During the year after that conversation with Larissa, I have taken a holistic approach to taking care of myself, of my relationships with my parents, with my man, my friends and my children.
My elder daughter also began to adopt new habits and seek Larissa’s advice.
As a result, my daughter lives a sugar-free life, which has had a very positive impact on her teenage skin and weight.

She lost 5 kg, and I lost 4 kg.
My hormonal markers got back to normal all naturally and the cysts no longer there.

If you are thinking about booking a free Discovery session with Larissa, I would highly encourage you to take this step. You will meet an observant expert and a very kind person. A bliss." - A., 40 ans, top manager, mom of 2 teenagers, Paris 2017

“Я хотела избавиться от апатии и усталости, мышечной боли, лишнего веса. Мне было неприятно смотреть на себя, я казалась себе крупной, заторможенной, непривлекательной. В ходе работы с Ларисой я пробовала разные подходы к оздоровлению, постепенно поменяла режим питания, полюбила готовить, стала лучше спать. Начала заниматься йогой, пилатесом, сбросила почти 6 кг. Когда я смотрю на свое отражение в зеркале, я улыбаюсь, мне нравится мой силуэт, моя кожа сияет. Когда я наклоняюсь вниз, я не ощущаю лишних складок на животе. Мне хочется поддерживать такую форму. Упражнения по саморазвитию помогли мне прояснить кто я, зачем я живу и к чему стремлюсь. Я с радостью иду на работу, вне ее начала строить свой бизнес, моя личная жизнь бьет ключом. Огромное спасибо Ларисе за все знания и открытия, и за ту поддержку, что она мне оказала в ходе программы» - С.Т. Топ-менеджер международной корпорации, клиент 6-месячной программы. Париж. Ноябрь 2016.

¤ «Larissa is a great communicator, a compassionate, supportive and a positive human being» - Stassi Anastassov

¤ “Knowing Larissa for years as a professional in highly intellectual sphere I trustfully turned to her as a Health Coach. Conversations with Larissa helped me to focus my efforts in living healthier life. Her recommendations varied from lifestyle to nutrition, but most important – she is really inspirational person who led me to better results in the goals I set. She is approachable, focused, empathetic, knowledgeable, smart – and living the life which can be an example on its own.“ - Eugenia Sudienko

¤  “Larissa’s support gently leads you to finding a direction, a solution… All of this with a smile, which empowers and gives wings... Health Coaching is Larissa’s true calling and a Mission.  I envy thousands of people who still haven’t met her.“ – Alla Kotsyuba

¤ “What’s clear is that one needs to change and experiment! A new mindset changes so much. We have started changing our lifestyle to make it healthier and unexpectedly this lead to improvements in other areas”- Irina Suverina

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