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Warm lentils-cucumber-egg salad

Prep Time

1 hr to cook lentils

Prep Notes

Legumes & beans are one of the healthiest, most nourishing and most practical foods for busy people, especially vegetarians...

Lentils are know for high iron & high protein content and of course, high fiber...

You can cook them upfront, and keep in a jar in the fridge for up to 6 days..., warming them up, adding in soups, mixing with veggies or in salads...

I always have some sort of legumes or beans on hand...

Cooking Time

10 mins




- Cooked lentils (I cook them in a bone broth, adding a bit of rice vinegar at the end (makes them easier to digest)

- 1 soft boiled egg

- 1 cucumber

- Cilantro, green onions

- Salt, pepper, olive oil



- Rinse lentils a few times under running water. If you have time, soak them for 30 mins-1 hr. If not, it's ok.

- Cook for an hour covered, letting them simmer in a salted water with a bay leaf. The water should be 3-5 cm above lentils.


- Cook the egg to be soft boiled (or make a benedict egg)

- Mince herbs (cilantro & green onions)

- Peel cucumber, cut it in thin half-circles, add a bit of salt, mix, let them sit aside for 5-10 minutes


- Use a spaghetti / soup plate

- Mix warm lentils with cucumber and its juice, with herbs, add olive oil (if you like), add pepper and salt (to taste)

- Cut egg in half, serve on top of the lentils-cucumber mix.

Bon appetit!