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Turkey almond nuggets

Prep Time

20 mins

Cooking Time

10 mins



- Organic turkey filet

- Rosemary, thyme

- Almond meal

- Duck lard or olive oil

- Salt & black pepper


- Mixed salad (spinach, rocket, lettuce etc)

- Parsley, green ognions

- Lemon


1. Prepare the salad: wash, dry, cut herbs, mix with salad leafs; set 1/2 lemon aside to spray the salad once ready.

2. Cut Turkey in pieces of approx 8x8 cm.

3. Cut rosemary, thyme, mix with salt & pepper. Cover turkey pieces with this mix

4. Spread almond meal on a flat surface.

5. Generously cover Turkey pieces in almond meal.

6. Set the heat to high temperature, heat the pan, add lots of duck lard.

7. Fry turkey nuggets on a high temperature constantly turning pieces over. They should become golden a crispy.


Use salad as a "meal bed": spread it on the plate, pour lemon juice all over it.

Put hot Turkey nuggets on top.

If you want the meal to be even more juicy, add fresh tomato and cucumber with yogurt & green onions sauce.

Bon appetit!