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Parfait Parfait

Prep Time

5 mins + overnight

Prep Notes

This is a healthy balanced breakfast containing slow carbs (oats), proteins (yogurt), healthy fats (nuts), vitamins & phytonutrients (berries).

Cooking Time





- Optional: bananas

- Oats (flocons d'avoine)

- vanilla greek yogurt or milk (hazelnut milk, or almond milk)

- chia seeds

- nuts: walnuts, almonds

- optional: seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, etc)

- red & blue berries (whichever you like)

- fresh mint (for decoration) & honey (optional)


Make this in the evening:

- put all ingredients in layers a beautiful container (wine glass, etc)

- on the bottom put solid stuff: eg. circles of banana, or nuts

- on top of that, put oats

- cover oats (not too much, just cover) with yogurt

- add chia seeds on top of yougurt

- cover again with berries

- cover again with oats /yogurt/chia seeds + berries etc.

Serve with mint leafs & honey

Bon appetit!