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Kale nutri-refresher salad

Prep Time


Prep Notes

Kale is an amazing super-food: imagine, that this cabbage per 100 calories has more calcium, than milk and more protein, than meat. Not mentioning the vitamin C, vitamins of B group, vitamin K etc etc.

On top it's simply delicious, if you know how to properly prepare it. Because it can be difficult to digest, if you don't do it right.

Below is a recipe for maximum a) nutritional value b) taste c) ease of preparation d) ease of digestion.

Cooking Time





- Kale ( 1 big leaf or 2 smaller ones)

- Cucumber (1)

- Sprouts (3 big spoons)

- Lemon, salt, pepper

- Chives or any other herb you like


1. Wash kale, cut it in thinnest possible stripes*, put in a salad bowl

2. Pour on it a juice of 1/2 lemon add salt, and "massage" vigorously the kale, until it becomes softer, crispier and gives juice.

3. Leave kale "to marinate" for 10 minutes.

4. In the meantime wash and cut cucumber in thin slices (peel the skin off)

5. Cut herbs (grin onion).

6. After 10 minutes, mix sprouts, cucumber with kale. Add herbs, more salt and pepper (if needed) and lemon juice. You may also add olive oil of you like the taste. I prefer this salad without it.

Bon appetit!