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Fish and Zucchini Chips

Prep Time


Prep Notes

Despite "light" ingredients, this is a nourishing dish thanks to the crunchy crust made of almond meal around zucchini.

Cooking Time



- Salad leaves

- Sprouts (the more the merrier)

- Fresh herbs (dill & persil)

- Your favorite fish

- Zucchini

- Almond meal

- Lime or lemon (1)

- Olive oil

- Salt, black pepper to taste


1. Mix salad leaves, sprouts, fresh hearbs in a big bowl, set aside.

2. Make a sauce for the salad: squeeze half of lime or lemon and mix with omive oil, dash of salt and black pepper

3. Put your favorite fish to cook while you take care of zucchini. I usually slow-cook fish covered in a frying pan on a medium fire (I add a bit of water in order not to use oils.

4. Spread almond meal on a flat plate, the almond meal "bed" should be approx. 1 cm thick.

5. Cut zucchini in pieces similar to potato chips.

6. Cover each zucchini chip in almond meal (generously)

7. Heat a pan (medium-strong), add olive oil, fry the zucchini chips turning them until they are covered in golden crust.

8. Serve with the salad and fish.

Optional: Prepare a sauce using tahini paste, green onions, lemon juice.