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Easy delish super healthy breakfast (gets cooked while you do your abs :)

Prep Time

5 minutes + 20 mins cooking time

Prep Notes

Breakfast is the main meal of the day. It is key for it to be balanced.

Balanced means you body has a chance to get all essential macro-and micro-nutrients:

- Slow/complex carbs - they will slowly release glucose into your blood the whole morning - till lunch, without the need for you to go for extra cup of coffee or eat sweet snacks

- Proteins (nuts, eggs, mushrooms, etc)

- Healthy fats (nuts, oils)

- Vitamins, minerals, phyto-nutirents (berries, fruits, veggies, salads)

Cooking Time

20 mins while you do your squats and abs :))


1x person


- millet
- cardamom (3-4 grains)- hot water
- vanilla oats milk /almond milk (or any other plant milk, except soy)
- fresh ginger (grated (1 cm piece)
- curcuma (2-3 g)
- a pinch of salt

Add after cooking:

- cacao beans (crushed)

- butter

- honey

Optional extra ingredients to add at the end:

- peanut butter (to add proteins)

- coconut butter instead of regular butter  (to add good Omega 3)

- fresh berries (like blueberries)

- walnuts, almonds


Mix water and milk go 50/50, liquid should be 3 cm above millet, cook slowly at least 20 minutes.

To avoid burning, once water have almost absorbed, switch off heat, cover and leave for 5 mins.

Add once cooked:

- butter
- cocoa beans
- honey


This is actually an immunity-boosting and energy-boosting super-delish for your morning. Great w/green tea or coffee.
It's taste will knock your socks off)